CCOE fulfills its aims through a number of programs and initiatives. These stimulate economic growth by building the cyber industry, as well as foster a safe and secure cyber environment region-wide.


Attracting and Nurturing Talent – Workforce Development

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Creating New Business Opportunities

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Fostering Collaboration in the Cyber Community

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Attracting and Nurturing Talent – Workforce Development

Job Board

Job Board, Career Map & Link2Cyber connect the global cyber workforce, students and veterans with San Diego job opportunities and career paths.
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Universities and Industry Roundtables

Internship and Apprenticeship Programs partner industry, academia and non-profits to align talent supply and demand and provide a cyber workforce pipeline.

Increasing Diversity in Cyber Pipeline

CyberHireSD, NFAR Cyber and Women in Cyber Girl Scouts partnership programs reach underrepresented populations and increase diversity and inclusivity in the cyber talent pipeline.

Creating New Business Opportunities

Secure San Diego

Secure San Diego facilitates collaboration between the region’s cyber industry, academia, local government, utilities, transportation, law enforcement and military to create a more secure cyber environment and position San Diego as a leader in collaborative cyber innovation, including the City of Carlsbad and City of Vista Cybersecurity Awareness Programs.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership events bring together San Diego’s cyber leaders with global experts, law enforcement and regulatory agencies to educate and further the cybersecurity industry, including the FBI Executive Briefing Series.

Cyber Advocacy

Global Delegations & Partnerships convene U.S. and international business and government leaders with San Diego’s cyber ecosystem to share best practices, encourage collaboration and attract business, investment and talent to the region.

Fostering Collaboration in the Cyber Community


Research delivers data, analysis and recommendations to policymakers, educational institutions, businesses, talent and key non-profits to encourage regional economic development.


Stakeholder Forums create an open dialog between the cyber industry, innovation sectors, academia and the government allowing for real-time problem solving to challenges facing the industry and quick mobilization around opportunities to accelerate San Diego’s cyber cluster.


Strengthening National Security Innovation with the State of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Manufacturing Communities Support Program as a member of the California consortium titled CADENCE – one of six national DMC designees. CCOE’s project includes the development of a state-wide Consortium and Cyber Innovation Center to support DoD’s modernization priorities in cybersecurity, 5G and AI/ML technologies, as well as workforce development, research and analysis and mechanisms for knowledge sharing and scaling. Learn More