Cadence Grant

Strengthening National Security Innovation – CADENCE and CASCADE Grants

CCOE is a member of California’s CADENCE and CASCADE grant teams, supporting the U.S. Department of Defense. CCOE’s projects focus on developing a state-wide Consortium and Cyber Innovation Center to propel DoD’s modernization priorities in cybersecurity, 5G, and AI technologies, as well as workforce development, research and analysis and mechanisms for knowledge sharing and scaling.

California Consortium

CCOE is identifying and convening industry, academic and government partners to guide and provide resources for the planning, design and development of the Cyber Innovation Center and Technical Programs in partnership with the City of San Diego. Please contact us if interested in participating.

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

CCOE and San Diego Regional EDC unveiled the Securing the Future: AI and San Diego’s Cyber Cluster Study, which quantifies the economic impact of the region’s Cybersecurity cluster and explores the proliferation of AI and ML technologies being used to thwart cybercrimes, among other critical needs by the private-sector and government. Check out the recorded release event here and coverage in the San Diego Union Tribune and San Diego Business Journal.

Cyber Innovation Center

CCOE is working with industry, academic and government stakeholders to develop the plan, design, operations and funding strategies for the Cyber Innovation Center in partnership with the City of San Diego. The project includes resources for workforce training, critical infrastructure testing, software evaluation, cyber threat modeling, incident response planning, teams, challenges and more!

Technical Programs

CCOE is developing a framework for DoD and critical infrastructure partners to define needs and challenges and academia and the private sector to collaborate on solutions.

Seeding the Talent Pipeline

CCOE is evolving the Cyber Career Map with Journeys Map to include additional curriculum, career pathways and employer offerings based on DoD modernization priorities. CCOE is also hosting talent pipeline programs with universities, colleges and military bases to promote the Cyber Career Map.

Outreach & Engagement

CCOE is presenting industry seminars and workshops to educate and engage key stakeholders on various cybersecurity, 5G and AI/ML topics including the FBI Executive Briefing Series. Check out upcoming Events.