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Talent10% job growth
in less than 2 years*

870 cyber firms + NAVWAR employ more than 12,400 cyber professionals

*Since CCOE’s 2019 San Diego Cybersecurity Industry Economic Impact Study


Location#1 most pleasant place to live in the US

Based on avg. temps between 55 to 75° and no significant rain or snow

Source Zillow


Talent 22,270 Cyber-related degrees conferred annually
Location#4 of Rocket Homes 15 Most Sustainable Cities in the U.S.

Talent9% projected cyber job growth in the next 12 months


Location5th in the country for Patents

according to the US Patent and Trademark Office


Talent$106,000 average annual salary

for analysts, computer scientists and software developers


Location#2 of Inc.’s Most Inventive Cities in the World