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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Data Breach Resources

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FBI Cyber Daily Digest Library

Stay current on the global threat landscape with the FBI’s daily circulation of published data breaches and articles.

  • Top US aerospace services provider suffers breach, loses 1.5 TB of data

    • The Texas-based aerospace services provider VT San Antonio Aerospace (VT SAA) has become a victim of a ransomware attack.
    • The group behind the breach is claiming it stole 1.5 terabytes of sensitive organizational data from the company’s network.
    • MAZE ransomware can be embedded into phishing emails and as soon as it infects the machine it starts the file encryption process, and attackers demand a ransom. In case their demands are not met the group starts leaking data.
    HackRead - Deeba Ahmed | June 6, 2020
  • Duluth student alerted school district about security breach

    • Duluth schools sent out a new update Thursday morning about the cyber security breach. They said it was a student who noticed a problem, and reported an unauthorized attempt to sign into their ISD 709 account.
    • Given tension sparked by George Floyd's death, the school district said all Minnesotans should be on alert for what he calls hack-tivists.
    WDIO ABC | June 4, 2020
  • Nearly four in five businesses suffered a cloud data breach in past year and a half

    • In light of cloud security issues,CISOs said their top three priorities are: monitoring compliance, managing authorisation and permissions, and managing security configurations.
    • The primary reason CISOs struggle with access management, the report explains, is the nature of public cloud infrastructure deployment itself.
    - Sead Fadilpašić | June 4, 2020
  • You DID change your password after that data breach, didn’t you?

    • Until a few years ago, received wisdom for passwords included advice to change them all on a regular and frequent basis, just because you could.
    • In short, humans really aren’t good at randomness – but then, they aren’t very good at reacting to data breach advice either, it seems.
    - Paul Ducklin | June 4, 2020
  • Why are healthcare cyberattacks surging amid Covid-19

    • As the global healthcare sector battles the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the number of cyberattacks targeting it has surged.
    • In March, the Czech Republic hospital responsible for running most of the country’s Covid-19 testing, Brno University Hospital, was held to ransom and forced to shut down its IT Network.
    • As Covid-19 continues to infect thousands around the globe, it’s vital that healthcare organisations place cybersecurity on a higher pedestal than it has been in the past, or face serious consequences for themselves and the patients they serve.
  • Huge Cyberattacks Attempt To Silence Black Rights Movement With DDoS Attacks

    • After the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests across the U.S., cyberattacks on advocacy groups spiked by an astonishing 1,120 times. It’s unclear who is behind the attacks...
    • In May, attacks on government, police and emergency services websites were up 1.8 times and 3.8 times on military websites, compared to the figures in April.
    - Thomas Brewster | June 3, 2020
  • Conan O’Brien Stays Quiet On George Floyd Killing: “It Doesn’t Feel Right To Talk About My Feelings Of Sadness & Anger”

    • A solemn Conan O’Brien stayed quiet on his thoughts about the killing of George Floyd Monday on Conan. Instead, the late-night host listened.
    • “Today feels very different,” O’Brien said. “We’re rightfully sickened by the needless killing of a black man named George Floyd. But it doesn’t feel right to talk about my feelings of sadness and anger. To do that today feels inadequate and even somehow wrong. Our national crisis is that a large and vital community in our country is in real pain ― pain because they do not feel safe, or dignified or seen. And most important of all, they do not feel heard. … So I’d like to use my very small part of television today not to speak but to listen … to someone who knows what it’s like to be black in America in 2020.”
    • O’Brien then introduced Van Jones, CNN political commentator and CEO of Reform Alliance.
    - Van Jones | June 2, 2020
  • Phishing Attacks Continue To Find Fuel In A Global Pandemic

    • Security experts are warning that phishing attackers are using Google Firebase storage URLs in an effort to trick targets into harvesting sensitive data.
    • Although the tactic appears to be new and relatively small in volume, reports in TechRadar said the strategy often involves a fake vendor payment form to infiltrate B2B payment workflows.
    | June 1, 2020
  • Data breaches and ethical breaches: mere compliance versus doing the right thing

    • Ethics in our view is doing the right thing even when no one is watching and even when it costs you more money,” explains Chris Paterson
    • Breaches could be based on carelessness in handling the data, bending the ‘legitimate interest’ requirement of using the data and the reasonable expectation of what data is being used for as well as judgements based on the ‘greater good’ versus the rights of the individual.
    - Jenni Davidson | June 1, 2020
  • Minneapolis Police Department Hack Likely Fake, Says Researcher

    • As protests continue to proliferate across the globe in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the Minnesota Police Department is making news for something else: A supposed hack, perpetrated at the hands of the Anonymous hacktivist group.
    • According to Troy Hunt at Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), the group of allegedly ill-gotten email addresses and passwords has been circulating in multiple forums, with most of them attributing the credential leak to Anonymous, which is a loose affiliation of individuals that carry out hacking to send political messages.
    - Tara Seals | June 1, 2020

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