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Learn the steps to take in the event of a data breach and stay current on the cyber threat landscape with the FTC’s Data Breach Resources, FBI’s Daily Digest Library and San Diego’s Cyber Incident Response Guide.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Data Breach Resources

Find out the steps to take as a business or consumer if you experience a data breach.


FBI Cyber Daily Digest Library

Stay current on the global threat landscape with the FBI’s daily circulation of published data breaches and articles.

  • A new cyber attack which can mimic a user's personalised keystroke

    Source: SciTech Europa
    By: FNU LNU
    Published: June 6, 2019
    * Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) cybersecurityresearchers have developed a new cyber attack which can mimic a user'spersonalised keystroke characteristics.
    * The cyber attack, called Malboard, evades several detectionproducts because they are designed to continuously verify the identity ofuser based on personalised keystroke characteristics.
  • Report: No 'Eternal Blue' Exploit Found in Baltimore City Ransomware

    Source: KrebsOnSecurity
    By: Krebs
    Published: June 3, 2019
    * For almost the past month, key computer systems serving thegovernment of Baltimore, Md. have been held hostage by a ransomware strainknown as 'Robbinhood.'
    * new analysis suggests that while Eternal Blue could have beenused to spread the infection, the Robbinhood malware itself contains notraces of it.
  • Security awareness training for executives keeps whaling at bay

    Source: SearchSecurity
    By: Alissa Irei
    Published: June 2019
    * Security awareness training for executives teaches anenterprise's biggest fish to recognize potential whaling attacks -- beforethey take the bait.
    * If Captain Ahab were a modern cybercriminal, his Moby Dick mightwell be an enterprise CEO. In a type of focused phishing attack calledwhaling, hackers target high-level end users through individually tailoredcampaigns designed to trick their marks into surrendering access,information or both.

San Diego Cyber Incident Response Guide

Learn more about San Diego’s region-wide cyber incident response guide and available local, state and federal resources.

San Diego Cyber Incident Response Guide October 2017