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  • 7-Eleven Japan's weak app security led to a $500,000 customer loss

    Source: Engadget
    By: Mariella Moon
    Published: July 6, 2019
    * 7-Eleven Japan's mobile payment app had such poor securitymeasures, the company had to shut it down just a couple of days after itsrelease.
    * In an announcement explaining the issue, the company admittedthat hackers were able to break into 900 users' accounts and to charge 55million yen ($507,000) in illegal purchases to their debit and credit cardson file within that period, from July 1st when the 7pay app rolled out toJuly 3rd when the service was shut down.
  • UCSD doctor resigns amid questions about undisclosed Chinese businesses

    Source: iNewsSource
    By: Brian Stauffer
    Published: July 6, 2019

    * A renowned UCSD eye doctor who is part of a Chinese recruitment program under FBI scrutiny has resigned amid inewsource's questions about his foreign government affiliations and businesses.
    * Kang Zhang, the former chief of eye genetics at the UCSD Shiley Eye Institute, is a member of the Thousand Talents Program, which the FBI says incentivizes scientists to illegally take intellectual property developed at U.S. universities to China. The purpose, authorities say, is to advance the country's 'scientific, economic, and military development goals.'

  • Man Gets Prison For DDoSing Steam, EA, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, DOTA2, Riot Games

    Source: Fossbytes
    By: Aditya Tiwari
    Published: July 5, 2019
    * In one of its kind acts, a Utah-based man named Austin Thompson(23) is going to prison for launching DDoS attacks on servers of variousgaming companies.
    * The hacker, who goes by the online moniker DerpTrolling,compromised the servers of Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station, Quake Live,DOTA2, League of Legends, and Steam between December 2013 and January 2014.
  • What the ransomware attack debate is missing

    Source: The Hill
    Published: July 5, 2019
    * High-profile attacks against Atlanta, Baltimore and now RivieraBeach, Lake City and Key Biscayne in Florida expose the challengesgovernors, mayors and local leaders confront in deciding whether to pay aransom to cyber criminals to regain control of their data.
    * Arguments have been made that no government official should pay aransom (Atlanta), that the federal government is to blame for allowingcyber attack tools to be stolen and released on the internet (Baltimore),and that paying a ransom is the only option (Riviera Beach).
  • Incident Of The Week: Dominion National Finds Evidence of Data Breach Nearly a Decade Later

    Source: Cyber Security Hub
    By: Kayla Matthews
    Published: July 5, 2019
    * In late April 2019, Dominion National investigated an internalalert with the assistance of an outside cybersecurity firm.
    * The results showed that unauthorized parties could have hadaccess to some of the companies servers since August 25, 2010.
  • House bill targets use of Pentagon networks for child pornography

    Source: The Hill
    By: Maggie Miller
    Published: July 2, 2019
    * The End National Defense Network Abuse (END Network Abuse) wasintroduced in the wake of in an investigation called 'Project Flicker'carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
    * This investigation identified over 5,000 individuals, includingmany affiliated with DOD, who were subscribed to child porn websites.
  • How a grim Eurovision Song Contest cyber attack was prevented at last second

    Source: 9News
    By: Fiona Willan
    Published: July 2, 2019
    * As millions of people around the world tuned into this yearsEurovision Song Contest final in Tel Aviv, little did they know they werewithin one second of witnessing a grim cyber attack.
    * Foreign hackers infiltrated the system broadcasting the eventglobally online and tried to insert a disturbing video into the live feed.
  • Medtronic rushes to replace insulin pumps after flaws found

    Source: Naked Security
    By: John E. Dunn
    Published: July 2, 2019
    * US medical equipment giant Medtronic has announced the immediate recall of all MiniMed 508 and Paradigm series insulin pumps after researchers uncovered serious security flaws which can't be patched.
    * The job of a pump is to deliver insulin to a patient throughout the day via a catheter implanted under the skin, which removes the need for regular injections to maintain stable blood glucose levels.
  • Websites go down worldwide due to Cloudflare outage

    Source: The Hill
    By: Maggie Miller
    Published: July 2, 2019
    * Internet network and security provider Cloudflare experienced a massive outage, with websites around the world unable to load and the cause of the outage not immediately clear.
    * The outage did not appear to last long, with Cloudflare posting online that it had "implemented a fix for this issue" and that it was "monitoring the results" 23 minutes after it wrote that "we are working to mitigate impact to Internet users."

  • Mac Malware Pushed via Google Search Results, Masquerades as Flash Installer

    Source: ThreatPost
    By: Lindsey O'Donnell
    Published: July 2, 2019
    * Never-before-seen Mac malware, dubbed OSX/CrescentCore, has been discovered in the wild.
    * The trojan, spotted on various websites masquerading as an Adobe Flash Player installer, drops malicious applications and browser extensions on victims' systems when downloaded.

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